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de la Ciudad de Granada

Granada was founded in the year 1524 by the spanish captain Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, next to the native population of Xalteva. It was the first spanish rising on Nicaragua and the only one that has not moved its location.

Granada extends across the noroccidental shore of the Great Lake of Nicaragua El puerto Asese con el Mombacho... or "Sweet Sea", as the spanish named it. It contains 356 little islands (aproximatly). The city keeps a colonial and neoclassic structure on its buildings. The city has an extension of 929 Km² and a population of 153,183 inhabitants (until 1995).

Granada limits to the north with the city of Boaco and Managua, to the south with the city of Rivas, to the east with the Cocibolca Lake, and at the west with Carazo and Masaya.

The distance between Granada and Managua, the Capital City, is about 45 km; the access route is the Panamerican Highway.

Political Division:

Territorial Extension
Total (Km²):
929 km²
Granadinos's way to be...

In the whole country we are known as the most vanity ppl in Nicaragua ("fachentos" as well). They blame us because: if we eat rice and beans ("gallo pinto") we "eructed chicken"; we "always use" the windows of our cars completly closed, trying to figure we have air cooler system on it, doesnt matter if we are suffocating; all of us "live" on "La Calzada" avenue or the "Atravesada" avenue (that's because long time ago, the most rich families used to live in those places)

Juan Aburto, a nicaraguan writer, wrote in his book "Mangua in the memory", the way how the granadinos were easyly recognised:

"Granadinos were ellegants, well powdered and using the finest parfums. Aparently very kind people, but bluffing deep inside, walking with some "superiority air" among the managuas, always telling, with some reason or not, jokes and indirects... or talking about national politics."

"They ordered exotic food in places where that kind of food had no reason to be, showing their wallets "filled" with money, having that "vanity air", long before the bill were made. They called their fellas as "partners" instead of "friends..."

One thing for sure: once in Granada, visitors cant feel isolated, cause the granadinos are a very open and warm people, like to share "everything", and as good "nicas", we are always "inside everything and everywhere". Try on!